JT Ross Property Group

EST. 1902


To give people the
space to build their
businesses and brands.

Our story is not told by how many hectares we’ve developed or buildings owned, but through the relationships we’ve built and the people we’ve served over the past 120 years. We believe in meaningful, sustainable property projects that will help move communities forward. 

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Working with us

We aim to make our clients and stakeholders feel confident, inspired and supported. This is why some of the worlds’ biggest brands choose us as their partners:

"Grounded in history and experience, driven by relationships and vision"


We are accommodating with our clients’ needs and call it a successful day when people are happy and thriving in our spaces.

Creative Problem-Solvers

Whether it's an old building that needs re-imagining, or a client with a practical problem, we apply our minds and get things done, well.


We are real and approachable, with a heart for good business and great people. In all we do, we put our clients and our staff first.

Industry Stalwarts

Whilst we are future-focused visionaries, we have over a century's worth of experience in the property industry. We have a wealth of knowledge across a diverse portfolio of projects.


If you want a building to last decades, choose a company that's been around for over a century.

In good company

We believe that leadership can come from all people in our business, and we drive a culture that values collaboration and excellence. Leading the pack is our team of seven dynamic executives; most of whom have had a remarkable journey at JT Ross. Our combination of skills and business units allow us to deliver incredible results, with every property opening.

Treating the environment and people with care

The world is rapidly shifting as we experience more effects of climate change and other human-involved environmental challenges. The development of properties, neighborhoods and cities play an integral part towards driving effective change in environments. As a large change agent – we realise the responsibility we have as a business to ensure that any changes we make to our assets will drive a positive impact

Sustainability is something we intrinsically drive at JT Ross – through all aspects of the business. Whether it be looking after and maintaining buildings with the utmost care and respect for clients and the environment, innovating and investing in ways to reduce a property’s carbon footprint (and energy bills), and uplifting the communities and ecosystems that surround the properties.

JT Ross Property Group is committed to working with clients and partners to achieve goals in each project that meet our sustainability strategies. Whether a client partner has their own sustainability goals, or external channel partner demands – we want the best outcomes for your business and the broader environment in which we live. Below are our three strategic pillars that have been implemented:

Goal-driven with each project

Set goals for each new and existing property at JT Ross Property Group, and measure their impact in terms of ESG.

Investing in smart solutions

Invest and inspire stakeholders to on-board smart solutions that will bring the best results for generations to come. A future-proofed, profitable business needs to ensure they have a robust sustainability strategy and goals in place.

Passing on passion and knowledge

Educate and empower employees to act on sustainable initiatives: exercise new research, innovative practices, and creative solutions.

Grounded in History

We’re a 5th generation family-owned business, celebrating our 120th birthday in 2022. We’ve had 12 decades to build, develop, and re-imagine properties – and whilst we have a strong heritage behind us, we are future-focused, innovative and passionate about what's next.