JT Ross Property Group was the very first developer to break ground at Ridgeside Office park over a decade ago. August 2022 saw the re-opening of the 11 Richefond Circle building – home to Vodacom KZN Head Office. The building had some dramatic interior changes and some more minor exterior improvements. We asked our Vodacom clients how they felt about their new home… “We are so excited to be back together, not only because of the time apart but also because of the exciting new spaces that have been created,” says Imran Khan, Vodacom Executive.

According to Christene David-Ramduth, Executive Personal Assistant, “less video conferencing and being more collaborative without the interruptions that come with being at home is what is most refreshing, along with the beautiful new space. The environment of walking to each other, having a cup of coffee, and chatting to each other, is what we are most looking forward to. The brain-storming and creativity has also ramped up! A good, healthy work space makes all the difference.”

The team had a large ‘welcome back’ cocktail function where everyone was able to appreciate the new space and soaked up the sea views.

James Ross, Investment Manager at JT Ross, stated that “it was a busy but spectacular project to be a part of. The outdated details were replaced with some genius solutions, both aesthetically pleasing and far more sustainable in terms of materials and energy usage.”

All in all, we are glad to have a happy client and a fulfilled team after the successful refurbishment.