The Digs Kitchen

We had a chat with Talton, James and Caron of The DK Group, the company and creators of The Digs Kitchen, the new cafe which opened in the Lion Match Office Park in October 2017.

Where did this all start?

Whilst still at university Talton and James started a mobile food bar ‘The Digs Kitchen’ which was effectively the start to what has become a string of cafe’s. They used every opportunity to build their brand at markets, festivals, weddings and parties before they shifted gears and when Caron joined forces, they opened ‘The Shed’ in Salt Rock. Since then they’ve created The Shed Junior, The Workstation Eatery and now The Digs Kitchen.

Inspiration behind the decor and space

They wanted a ‘garden in the city’ concept and they certainly created the appropriate feel. It’s a fresh space in a dynamic office park which is home to many creative businesses, designers, architects and several other corporate and modern industries. The plants are emphasised by natural lightwood borders and tables are plentiful and spacious. They did their own research and bought together concepts and ideas through collaborating with their local team of landscapers, carpenters and designers. James and Talton commented on “A great dynamic in play with the team involved, ideas evolved as we worked together to get the space ready”. Amazing spaces are being created through the collaboration culture in todays society and The Digs Kitchen is representative of this.  

Working with JT Ross

In terms of property management, it was pleasing to hear how they’ve found JT Ross to be very proactive and in tune with the needs of their new operation. Aside from the professionalism, they explained the opening process as unhindered and quite frankly “refreshing and on the ball”, described Talton.

What are your favourite items on the food menu?

It’s a tough choice with several enticing options. James goes for the corn-and-zucchini fritters with salsa and smoked salmon, while Talton prefers his staple and satisfying ‘good old’ mince on toast. Caron would be the chia bowl girl.

Customer Feedback

The new concept has been well received by staff and businesses within the office park as well as outside visitors. Office workers in the park have specifically found the grab and go sandwiches helpful, saving them time as they pick up a quick lunch, but find the layout and seating extremely accommodating for sitting down and having a proper lunch break. There have been several positive comments around the healthy options on the menu and a great selection of smoothies and coffees.

How do you foresee the relationship and communication channels with the tenants in the park unfolding?

The plan is to offer deliveries directly to the offices, so tenants can phone and order and collect or have a delivered option. The cafe is on social media, so followers receive updates on specials and mouthwatering pictures of menu items. The idea is to communicate with the tenants in the park via email, Facebook and Instagram channels. 

Coffee, Cafes and Office Park Trends

There is no doubt that the coffee culture in Durban is on the rise and The Digs Kitchen take their coffee seriously. “It’s all about getting out of the office for a quick coffee and having a break” said Talton. Even though offices are sometimes equipped with machines and quality beans, there’s something about getting out to order your flat white or morning espresso from a barista, and the beauty of coffee shops within office parks, is that staff don’t have far to go to do this. They are also essential meeting spots outside of an office environment, for creative discussions and casual interactions. The Digs Kitchen get their beans from Terbodore in the Midlands and it’s quite simply delicious.

Visit The Digs KitchenDK Group and JT Ross Property Group.