Anyone with an eye on the property market, or searching for offices in Westville, would have noted the array of commercial options for tenants at present.

From centrally based office parks to stand alone buildings, the market is wide and the rental rates range from R90/m² to R170/m² for small, medium and larger spaces. Potentially a minefield for a business looking to grow or relocate.

So, where do you start? Here are five pointers to consider when looking for commercial premises in Westville:


The first rule of property, location. Your offices need to be accessible to the majority of the employees working there, so it’s exceptionally important to be on main routes with transport options nearby.


Time is of the essence and if your husband, wife or self didn’t make you lunch that day, you may need to pop out of the offices to get some. There’s also the odd item to be picked up or coffee meeting so having amenities nearby are essential. Westville has shopping options, notably The Pavilion Shopping Centre and Westville Mall, making offices nearby either of these a viable option.


While standalone buildings can be accessible, they can sometimes be too easily accessible. A business park is always a good option as the grounds generally have electric fencing, armed response and often 24 hour security or access control. Safety in numbers can play a role, so a park or building that has people coming and going can act as a deterrent to thieves or hawkers.

Peace of mind

Leasing office space means a three to five year relationship with a Landlord. You want to make sure that you are leasing from a reputable property owner who will maintain the building you are in and who respects the terms and conditions of the lease agreement. The landlord – tenant relationship should be a long and mutually beneficial one.


Every business faces challenges, growth and change and it can be difficult to forecast five years ahead. It is a good idea to partner with a Landlord who can offer solutions and alternatives should the need arise. It’s important to occupy space that is understood by the owner. Often the simplest change can make all the difference to day to day operations.

JT Ross Property Group currently have office space to let within Westway Office Park in Westville, Durban. As an established national property developer and owner, we are able to offer the right property solution for businesses seeking commercial and industrial space.