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There aren’t too many businesses globally that can say they have celebrated their 120-year milestone, and only a small handful in South Africa. The JT Ross Property Group is one of those remarkable few, who have always been future-focused visionaries, with the aim to create the space for businesses to build their brands.

The group, who has driven re-developments such as the rejuvenation of the beautiful heritage Lion Match Factory in Durban, SA, as well the more recent JT Ross Park: Northfield (home to Takealot, Famous Brands and other corporate brands’ logistics facilities), shows an incredible history of resilience and reinvention.

In an interview with Grant Smith, Development Director at the Group, he explained that they “tell [their] story not through how many hectares [they’ve] developed or buildings that have been constructed, but through the relationships [they’ve] built and the people served over the past 12 decades.” Despite the many social and technological changes over the past century, good old-fashioned relationship-building with a foundation of integrity and respect, is what the JT Ross Group has never forgotten. “We are accommodating with our clients’ needs and call it a successful day when clients are happy and thriving in our spaces. We are real and approachable, with a heart for good business and great people. In all we do, we put our clients and our staff first – this is our golden rule, no matter the project” adds Smith.

When asked what their recipe for success was, Smith concluded that it’s a complex cocktail of hard work, relationship-building, and an open mindset that doesn’t limit your growth possibilities.  The business has morphed from carpentry, and construction, to property development, leasing, and property management in the more recent years.

The Group has expanded their property portfolio throughout South Africa and Europe. John Ross, head of the International Investment portfolio, is very positive about the mark that the South African born brand is leaving on a global scale. “We develop properties that communities want to gather in, businesses want to grow in, and staff are proud to work in. We believe in meaningful, sustainable projects that will help move clients forward, and this doesn’t limit us to South Africa”.

The group has been driving economic and social improvements across South Africa and have provided a platform for significant employment over the years. We look forward to watching the next few decades unfold for this home-grown business.