As part of the establishment of the Rossmin mine in Oshabeni, a part of the Ugu District Municipality in KwaZulu Natal, the company has been engaging with the community on a regular basis in order to understand the needs of the local community and areas where assistance and resources can be focused.

J.T. Ross contributed significantly to supplying Rossmin with many of the items needed to assist.

In July 2015, Rossmin, as part of its commitment, contributed office furniture, appliances and equipment to eight local Oshabeni schools and Community facilities such as the Oshabeni Trial Court and the multi-purpose centre.

Approximately 300 items, comprising full L shaped melamine office desk sets, filing and storage cabinets, board room table, chairs, whiteboards, fridge, microwave, kettle etc. with an overall estimated replacement value in excess of a quarter of a million Rand were contributed.

Heartfelt letters of appreciation were received from the schools and municipalities, solidifying the start of an ongoing affiliation between business and community.

Various public upliftment projects have made appeals for support. Despite not yet being operational, the company has responded with efforts such as sponsoring of a Community Policing Forum and assisting Oshabeni councillors with family responsibilities.

Rossmin is committed to positively impacting on the Oshabeni community through strategic initiatives specifically aimed at Education and Entrepreneurial development