The name of the game when you sign up to Beset Durban. This exciting concept, is to embark on urban exploration and to re-introduce Durbanites to their city as well as introduce the world to this beautiful town.

Mark Bellingan, Cameron Finnie, Dane Forman and Jonas Barausse form the team that visited Lion Match Office Park in June, to show over 200 interested locals a behind the scenes tour of the historic landmark property on Umgeni Road.
The group experienced an inside view of Jonsson WorkwearSumitomo Rubber South Africa (Dunlop), Dean Jay Architects and JT Ross’s head office as well as walking the roof and sipping on steaming cappuccino’s from The Boiler Room Cafe.

Mark Bellingan, Cameron Finnie and Dean Jay were part of the redevelopment process which started in 2013, turning the Old Lion Match Factory into the park it is today. They walked and talked through the architectural challenges of the project with some inside stories to the amusement of many. Dean Jay Architects, along with the client JT Ross, managed to retain the original industrial feel of the buildings and create a sought after Urban working environment.

Lion Match Office Park is more than just another commercial office space. There is an energy in the park that surpasses the average working environment. It may be the history, the types of businesses in the park, the vested interest of the owners or the facilities and dynamic services which form the framework. We believe it’s all of this and more. JT Ross Property Group were delighted to have the opportunity to share this.

Become interested in your city. Learn about the history of a building, what led to its existence and how to keep it alive forever.

Robyn Renzow