community Projects

Deloitte in KwaZulu-Natal visited ML Sultan Blackburn Primary School on the 13th of August 2008 together with staff from JT Ross, to make a difference to the children’s facilities. A top requirement of Blackburn Primary School’s “wish list” was to have the dusty parking area adapted to prevent the children inhaling dust whilst playing. J.T. Ross Construction was able to help out by laying a concrete slab in this area making it a level parking area, as well as a basketball court. This was done by putting two basketball hoops on either end. The slab, or basketball court, was then decorated by Deloitte staff. The construction team also leveled out the classroom which J.T. Ross staff were tasked to maintain. Walls were repainted, as were the ceilings and the windows cleaned to leave a brighter room, more conducive to a day spent learning.