Bay Union – One of KZN’s leading composite independent broking houses – is relocating and will be taking up residence at the Lion Match Office Park as of April 29

The company has spent 13 happy years at its current location and has enjoyed significant growth over these years, evolving with the changing financial services industry landscape. Now ready for a change, bay Union is embracing modern trends like mobility and agility, and is looking to improve methods of doing business.

The move to the new premises will be cementing this process and providing a change of scenery from which to drive the implementation of operational changes. Mobility leading to agility will be the new name of the game at bay Union, and the company is introducing modern office trends such as hot desking for its consultants – all with the aim of continuing to grow the business through building personal relationships, listening to clients, understanding their needs and finding solutions to their challenges.

“Our business is about interfacing directly with our clients and we want to adapt the way in which we operate so that our brokers are more mobile and accessible,” explains Dave Pearse, one of bay Union’s Directors. “Rather than simply go with the flow, we are determined to make the business more efficient and our new premises will provide the perfect location for this next phase. “The Lion Match Office Park is set to become one of central Durban’s best office parks – and our new home will offer greater accessibility and convenience as well as improved security and parking facilities.”

“The whole team is energized and excited about the move, with everyone anticipating that it will act as a springboard for our fresh approach – setting Bay Union up for even further growth.”

Ambitious yet humble, Bay Union is, as always, aiming for quality and excellence. “We don’t have any lofty ideals to be the biggest, but we certainly do want to be the best at what we do – and we understand that it’s great people and a good environment that will continue getting us there,” confirms Pearse.

The company’s culture remains firmly grounded in the knowledge that is success and growth is thanks in no small part to the loyalty of its customers and to the ability of its people to deliver service excellence. It is also acutely aware that it operates in a highly competitive environment in which yesterday’s success can’t guarantee its future. As such, it is constantly looking to improve and ensure the relevance of its offering. Bay Union’s new customised and technologically advanced offices are a practical manifestation of its commitment and testament to its determination to do better for all Bay Union clients.

Sunday Tribune, 20 April 2014