Mlapheni “Jameson” Mathe

Mlapheni “Jameson” Mathe was born on 17 June 1939 and worked for JT Ross for 51 years, three of the four generations in the family run business. He officially retired at the age of 69 and went home to Paul Pietersburg on 11 December 2008.

During his years at JT Ross, Jameson had skilfully accomplished several trades including bricklaying, carpentry and painting. He was also a labour Induna for longer than most JT Ross staff could remember at the time. 

When asked at his 50 year celebration what advice he had after working for one company for so long, he’d said, “Everyone needs to work. You cannot step back and expect things to happen for nothing.” Sage advice indeed. 

Unfortunately Jameson passed away on 31 December 2008, soon after his wife Tobi Elizabeth Mathe had passed away on 10 December 2008 and he was only aware of her death when he arrived home the day after his retirement. He had 4 living children from his marriage to Tobi.

Jameson spent 51 of his 68 years with one employer, and was extremely respected by all his colleagues at JT Ross. 

His dedication and loyalty to the company for all those years, remain fundamental traits of JT Ross’s company ethos today. 

Jameson, we honour you and hold your memory dear.