During the course of 2013, many applications for requests for financial assistance were received from various charities.  These were collated for presentation to the Trustees of the J.T. Ross Charitable Trust and following a meeting in late January of this year, and a decision that charities supporting children and the aged would be considered, donations were made to the following centres:

  • Careline Crisis Centre
  • Careways KZN
  • Feed the Babies
  • Girls and Boys Town
  • Highway Aged
  • Lungisisa Indlela Village (LIV)
  • The Browns School
  • The Unlimited Child
  • Cotlands

So as to establish more of a physical presence to the pledges, visits to LIV, Careways KZN and The Highway Aged have taken place recently.  Says Melanie Gillespie, Director J.T. Ross: “The interactions have been amazing, both in dealing with the care givers and seeing their absolute passion for and dedication to those in their care, as well as the children and aged who despite challenging circumstances and some unbelievable tragedy (particularly the children at LIV), refuse to remain victims and are choosing to rebuild their lives.”

The Santa Shoe Box initiative was also supported in the second half of the year exceeding 150 boxes!